October 04, 2012

Tour Pack Relocation Kit

Recently I ran into Art Smith who has developed a tour pack relocation kit for 2009-2012 Harley touring models. The kit provides 2-3 inches of additional seat room, is easy to install, and only costs $99.  Art is now working on a kit for 1997-2008 models.

He showed me the kit and it is well made and manufactured in America.

For more information visit www.aandscustomdesigns.com

September 03, 2012

Skyline Drive

Spent the day riding the Skyline Drive in VA. Weather forecast was cloudy with periods of rain so traffic was very light given this was Labor Day. Toll is $10 for motorcycles. The speed limit is 35mph (a Federal traffic ticket can get expensive) so it was 3rd gear most of the way. Could not enjoy the vistas due to the fog and clouds plus many scenic overlooks are getting a facelift. Road conditions are excellent. Despite the weather conditions it was a great ride. Catch this byway in the off-season and you will have a wonderful riding experience.

Reader's Favorite Roads

Posted a list of 5 roads which were among our reader's favorites during August. Visit our Home Page and look in the right column under 'What's New'.

August 17, 2012

Wheels Through Time

When traveling along the southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway a must stop, just 5 miles off the Parkway, is the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley, NC. It has over 300 vintage motorcycles on display along with antique automobiles, memorabilia, and special exhibits. Also be sure to visit the museum's website and view their outstanding video collection.

August 05, 2012

New Mexico 485

NM Route 485 is a unique road. It is a narrow 2-lane back road which goes that goes through the 'Gilman Cut', a couple of tunnels cut through the 'Guadalupe Box' for a logging road. The canyons along the way provide amazing scenery. Be sure to view the video.

The paved portion of the road is only about 7 miles to a gate. If the gate is open, you can continue on the unpaved section. 485 is a worthwhile 20 minute side trip from NM Route 4.